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Because what happens on cruise... will probably get leaked all over Facebook, so behave

One of the most essential parts of any seafarer's life is actually going to sea. It sort of defines who we are. Without it, we'd just be... well, we'd have some issues.
As with most professions, there are certain things you have to learn right away to not look like a fool or get someone hurt. At the right are lists of the first things to do when you step aboard a ship and just some basic seafaring do's and don'ts. The biggest thing you can do to have a good time at sea is to walk on deck with a good attitude.
Yeah, shucks, you're not going to see land for two weeks. Yeah shucks, you're going to have be sober at least that long. Yeah shucks, there probably arent any pretty ladies around. Well you know what, you're getting paid a lot of money to travel to places most people dream about, and at least it'll give your liver a little rest. Suck it up. Good luck.

Watchstanding Positions

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What to do as soon as you step aboard a vessel:
-Check in with the Security Guard. In foreign ports, some carry big guns... don't mess with them
-Find a station bill and get to know your muster station and emergency duties. If you are part of a fire team, get to know where you gear is kept. If you're new to the ship, perhaps take a quick tour and identify all of the Damage Control lockers and fire hose stations.

-Check your emergency gear. Make sure your lifejacket fits and is in good working order. If it's ripped or missing parts, get it fixed. Chances are something bad wont happen, but even if it doesn't a bad jacket can be the sole reason for the Coast Guard to fail the ship during a COI.

-Get to know the ship. Find your lifeboat. Find the mess deck. Find the laundry. Find the bridge or wherever it is you are going to be working.

General Rules and Practices Aboard Ships:
Take Short Showers. The fresh water supply is limited and shared amongst everyone. Don't screw your buddy out of a cool drink.
-Always wear close-toed shoes while aboard. Steel decks and doorway lips make for bad bruises even with steel-toed boots on.
-Do your job and do it well. If you don't do it, you're making someone else pick up your slack, which just isn't brotherly man.
-Limit your waste. Garbage piles up quick, and there's no place to put it on a trans-oceanic voyage. You can't throw plastics overboard, and throwing non-organics (food products) is generally looked down upon. If you can remove packaging prior to departure, do it. If you've got a box of granola bars, leave the box, take the bars.
-Don’t call the Old Man “Old Man”
-Don’t sit in the captain’s chair unless you happen to be the captain
-Don’t be malicious. Don’t turn valves randomly. Don’t slam doors. Don’t push buttons if you don’t know what they do. Don’t leave doors open behind you.
-Help a buddy out. If a bud needs a hand, lend a hand, he’ll do the same for you.