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Because Stupid Is As Stupid Does, And Stupid Starts A Sentence With Because

So basically, people are going to try and fuck with the freshman on the first couple of watches. Here are some things they may try:

-There is a such thing as a Sea Chest, but it has no key. The sea chest is some kind of water intake basin down in the engine room. For more info, ask an engineer.

-There is no Propeller Watch. If someone tells you to go stand a Propeller Watch, consisting of just that, watching the propeller, don't do it.

-Do not try to get a bucket of Prop Wash for someone. Prop wash is not a cleaner for the prop or anything, it's just the water that has flown over it. That big frothy wake behind the ship, that's Prop Wash. Don't get a bucket of Prop Wash.

-There are no ID-10-T forms. It took one of our authors a while to figure it out, in fact I think he just got it now that he sees it written down. Just look at the name of the form and try and figure out why someone would have you go get them. Okay, it looks like "idiot."

-More to come.