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Because There Are No Stupid Questions, Just Stupid Answers


Here are a few questions that we all had and maybe a few answers as well. If you have any questions of your own, submit them to us either through the chat or through our email on the Contact Page. We'll try to post as many questions and answers as we can.

-Where do I find a Watchbill?
Watchbills can usually be found in the classroom building halls and online. Note: The versions found in those two locations may differ slightly and the online version is the one to be considered official. The online version can be found at the CSUM site, under Current Students, then under Watchstanding Info. Here's a link to the online version:

-Do I have to wear my uniform at all times?
The Uniform-of-the-Day is required at all times from when you wake up until 1630 if you are performing official campus business (attending class, turning in paperwork) around the campus. In the residence halls, you are free to wear whatever you please, within the limits of decency as defined elsewhere. The Uniform-of-the-day is also required at all times in the Mess Deck, but is not required at the Student Center or Morrow Cove Café. Essentially, if in doubt, put on your khakis.

-What do I do if I can't make it to watch?
If you know in advance that you won't be able to make it to watch, you should find someone to take your place and the two of you should fill out a Watch Exchange form. The form needs to be signed by both of you as well as several Corps Officers and turned in not less than 48 hours before the watch is to take place. If something comes up and you haven't turned in a Watch Exchange form, you can simply have someone else fill in for you, but if they don't show up, you will be held accountable, not them.

-How do I find out who my academic advisor is?
When scheduling classes, you may need to either talk to or have your academic advisor sign some forms for you. But if you don't know who he/she is, that makes things harder. To find out who your Advisor is, open up the CMA website at www.csum.edu, in the drop-down menu at left open Online Services. From here log in with your username and password and when the screen loads, you should see in the right hand column a little blurb that says "Academic Advisor: So and So." From there, track them down, camp outside their office and wait until they get a chance to help you out.

-Where am I allowed to park on campus?
During the week, students are allowed to park in either the B or E lots, (Bodnar or Egypt), with Student Parking permits. Parking along the waterfront or in the lot across from Administration is permitted only if you purchase a 24-hour pass from one of the dispensers found in those lots. Students are at no time allowed to park at the boathouse, unless you are the Night Mate or Night Engineer for that particular day and have been issued a special permit. Students are allowed to park in the Administration lot for free from Friday evening until Monday morning.
Official parking info is found here: http://www.csum.edu/PublicSafety/PoliceandParkingServicesatCalMaritime.asp 

-Am I allowed to use the boats in the Boat Basin?
The short answer is Yes, but with certain restrictions. Typically if you have had the Marine Survival course and have a staff member supervising, you are allowed to take out most of the boats, but see the Waterfront staff for more details.

-How do merits and demerits work?
Essentially, you get demerits for doing something wrong, and merits for doing something good. When you have done one or the other, whoever has noticed has filled out a form stating the reason, and what they recommend as a penalty or reward. In other words, you won't receive either unless someone catches you doing good or bad. Anyone can cite anyone for merits or demerits, the forms can be found in the Student Center. The forms themselves have various carbon copies that need to be turned in to the appropriate authorities for any action to take place.
Typically, you won't know whether you have been recommended for merits or demerits until one of the carbon copies lands in your school mailbox, at which point you can then appeal through the appropriate channels.
Note: Merits can undo Demerits as they effect academic standing, but it takes two merits to equal one demerit, and the demerits are merely negated but not removed from your records.

-When is Formation?
Most weeks, formation is held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:45ish until around noon in the quad. In the event of rain, it may be held in Rizza Auditorium. Inspections are routinely done on Wednesdays, though additional inspections can be scheduled for other days. About once per semester a Command Inspection will be performed on a Tuesday during the Commandant's Hour (1050-1150). These inspections are more rigorous and may require you to be in dress uniform. Notices about special inspections can be found in the Bear's Tale or will be announced at formation. When "Fall Into Formation" is called, simply finding your place and keeping quiet makes everything go quicker and smoother. Roll is always taken at formation. If you arrive late or don't think you were accounted for, see your Section Leader, they will likely have a blue and silver collar device.