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Because Why Use Real Words When We Could Just Make Them Up

Here's a collection of all the random little things that don't really fit anywhere else yet.
-Bulwarks - the solid rail or wall that extends the ships' sides upward above the deck
  -From the USCG Question bank:
   -One function of a bulwark is to help keep the deck dry.
   -The purpose of the freeing ports in a solid bulwark are to allow water shipped on deck to flow off rapidly.
-Miscellaneous Hull Fittings: are exactly that, random things that exist as a part of the hull
   -From the USCG Question bank:
     -Permissible length: The maximum length allowed between main, transverse bulkheads on a vessel
     -Carling: used to stiffen areas under points of great stress between beams
     -Circular Type Pillar: gives the greatest strength with the least weight
     -Scantlings: measurements of structural members
     -Beam bracket: angled brackets that join beams to other beams or to pillars or shell plating. Typically 2.5 times as deep as the beam
     -Chock: casting fitted at the side of a weather deck, used as a fairlead
     -Companion way: set of interior steps on a ship leading up to a deck from below
     -Dogs: fittings used to secure a watertight door
     -Fidley: the space above the engine room
     -Strongback: bar securing a cargo port
     -Cleat: a deck fitting used to secure line or wire rope, consisting of a single body with two protruding horns
     -Stringer strake: fore and aft run of deck plating which strengthens the connection between the beams and the frames and keeps the beams square to the shell