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Because They Hold It Down, Bro

-Bower anchors: the anchors on the bow
-Danforth anchor: a modern anchor with a stock
-Grapnel: devide used to drag for a submerged cable or line
-Fluke: the part of an anchor which takes hold on the bottom by digging in
-Tripping palm: the part of the patent anchor that performs the same fuctions as the stock of an old fashioned anchor and forces the flukes in
-Devil's Claw: used to secure the anchor chain when not in use; acts as a chain stopper
-Buckler plates: metal plates secured over the tops of the hawsepipes to prevent spray and water from shipping on deck through the hawsepipes themselves and also prevent people from stepping into the openings on the deck
-Riding pawl: a heavy bar that lays across the anchor chain and acts as a stopper to prevent the anchor chain from running out if the cable jumps the wildcat
-Spill pipe: the opening in the deck beneath the anchor windlass that leads into the chain locker
-Windlass: the machinery associated with heaving in and running out anchor chain
-Wildcat: the sprocket wheel in a windlass, used for heaving in the anchor
-Pockets: the recessed areas on a wildcat
-Whelps: the sprocket teeth on a wildcat