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Because if you can avoid being pushed around, do it

First things first, if you haven't already found the times and speeds of the nearest flood and ebbs to the time you need, do that. See the page on Times of Slack/Max Current for help. All you need to do to find the speed at any time is interpolate those values, so without them, you're fucked.

Step 1: Find the times of the slack and max current that surround your desired time, (see Time of Slack/Max Current for additional help)
Step 2: Build a Table like the one at right and fill in all of the info you already know
Step 3: Find the time difference between Slack and Max Current, the time difference between Slack and Desired Time, and note the speed of nearest max current.
Step 4: In the Tidal Current Tables, you'll find a Table for interpolating to find Speed of Current at Any Time near the back. Open up to this page and read the titles on the sides of the table.
Step 5: Using the values that you know, interpolate using the table and find your Speed Correction Factor.
Step 6: Multiply your Speed Correction Factor by the speed of nearest Max Current to find the current at the Desired Time.

Time of Slack or Max before desired time
Speed of max or slack (0.0)
Desired Time
Speed at desired time
Time of Slack or Max after desired time
Speed of Max or Slack (0.0)

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