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A is for Asshole, like a loop in a rope

-Abaft - toward the after end of the ship, behind
-Abeam - bearing 90 degrees from the bow or stern
-Absolute Zero – the theoretical point at which no molecular movement is occurring within a substance
-Advection - The horizontal transfer of energy, usually by wind
-Aft - referring to the rear of the ship. You could say, "the lines are stored aft."
-Air Glow - A faint glow of light emitted by excited gases in the upper atmosphere; much fainter than the aurora.
-Albedo - percent of radiation returning from a surface compared to that which strikes it
-Amidships - halfway between the forward and after ends of the ship; also a helm order for 0 degrees of rudder
-Annual range of temperature – the difference between the warmest and coldest months at any given location.
-Asshole: loop or kink in a rope caused by poor coiling

-Astronomical Unit: the average distance from the Earth to the Sun. (about 93 million miles) 
-At ease - hands folded behind the back, feet shoulder width apart; sipping a beer on a beach with a beautiful ladyfriend
-Athwartships - running laterally from one side of the ship (port) to the other (starboard)

-Atmospheric Window - the wavelength range between 8 and 11 mm in which little absorption of infrared radiation takes place.


-Attention - something none of us wishes to pay; feet together at 45 degree angles from each other, fists at side along seam of pants


-Aurora Australis - glowing light display in the Southern Hemisphere night time sky caused by excited gases glowing in the upper atmosphere


-Aurora Borealis - glowing light display in the Northern Hemisphere night time sky caused by excited gases glowing in the upper atmosphere


-Autumnal equinox – the equinox at which the sun approaches the Southern Hemisphere and passes directly over the equator. Occurs around September 23.