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-Macroburst - A strong downburst greater than 4 km across
-Main Deck - The topmost contiguous deck running from stem to stern.

-Mature thunderstorm – the middle stage in the three-stage life of a thunderstorm. Heavy showers, lightning, thunder, and violent vertical motions inside cumulonimbus clouds characterize this state

-Mean (average) annual temperature – the average temperature at any particular location for an entire year

-Mean (average) daily temperature – the average of the highest and lowest temperatures within a 24-hour period

-Mesocyclone – a column of rotating air within a supercell thunderstorm

-Mesoscale Convective System (MCS) – a large cloud system that represents an assemblance of thunderstorms formed by convection, and produce precipitation over a wide area

-Mess deck - where the grub gets eaten by them hungry people; the cafeteria

-Microburst – a strong localized downburst less than 4 km wide that occurs beneath thunderstorms.

-Micrometer - a unit of length equal to one-millionth of a meter

-Mirage – a refraction phenomenon that makes an object appear to be displaced from its true position. When an object appears higher than it actually is, it is called a superior mirage. When an object appears lower than it actually is, it is an inferior image

-Multicell storms – a convective storm system composed of a cluster of convective cells, each one in a different stage of its life cycle