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The round is an essential part of any security watch. What it consists primarily of is walking around the ship and making sure nothing has gone wrong. Rounds should be made at least once per hour and a full round should take between 30 and 45 minutes to complete. On the quarterdeck or bridge you can usually find a map with suggested routes for rounds. On the Golden Bear, there are two recommended routes, one long and one short. Two of each should be completed every watch.

When you are conducting a round, you are primarily looking for flooding and fire, as well as fornication, burnt out lights, burnt out cadets, loose stowage, unlocked doors that should be locked, and any other hazards that may present themselves. It is usually advisable to carry a small notepad with you and take note of such occurences as you find them, especially notes on the lightbulbs and doors.

A full round should cover every open space on the ship, including passageways, ladderwells, workshops, store rooms, weatherdecks, and the aft steering room. When conducting a round during Cruise, you will also be responsible for opening and scanning each of the fan rooms as well as these are particularly susceptible to flooding and should be checked on every round.