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Because we can't all read your chickenscratch

-When writing in a log, first things first, always use a black pen. This is the standard and is a practice to be observed appropriately if you don't want to be harrassed by the higher ups.
-Secondly, the log is to be written in in only CAPITAL or UPPERCASE letters. Why? Because they tend to be easier to differentiate. If you write sloppily, an "e" may look like an "a" or an "o", whereas an "E" looks nothing like an "A" or an "O." Lame, I know, but that's how we do it.
-Thirdly, if/when you screw something up while writing in the log, no worries, we all do it, but the correct procedure to correct your error is simply strike-out the error with a single black line, then initial next to the correction. Do not scratch out or white out the error, or the Coast Guard will kick your ass. Honestly though, if you do either of these things, it appears that someone was trying to cover up something that could be instrumental in the event of an emergency. For example, if there was a security breach at 1600 and at 1530 there was an entry scratched out in the log book, it would look awful suspicious.

Remember these three things and you'll be set:
-Black Pen
-CAPITAL Letters
-Strikeout errors with a single line

-While on the security watch aboard the TSGB while in port, all persons boarding the vessel must be checked for ID and logged into one of the various logs at the Quarterdeck station.
-Students coming aboard from 0750-1630 need only be checked for ID, and not entered into the log unless they are residents of the ship, in which case the time the board/leave the ship must be noted in the Resident Log.
-Between 1630-0750, everyone coming aboard must be noted in one of the log books. These notes should include time aboard/leave, name, badge issued, location/person visiting, and any other relevant info. Please note who/where the guest is visiting as it is really hard to kick people off at 2200 if you have no idea where they are.
-Furthermore, after 2200, no non-resident students or unapproved guests are allowed to be aboard unless they are on the Overnight approved list. At 2200 all non-resident/non-approved cadets will be kicked off the ship until 0750 the next morning.